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This is Sacred Ground is a contemplative spirituality space in and around Gloucestershire

Hello and Welcome

This Sacred Ground (TSG) is an informal community of people who have felt a sense of calling to the ‘interior’ Christian spiritual path. We are inspired by the desert movement of early Christianity and the Christian mystics who have trodden this ancient pathway through the ages.

The call to this pathway is experienced as an inner longing, a flame that is ever burning just, though barely, below the surface of consciousness. It’s only desire is nothing less than the direct experience of God in the soul. This is the mystic quest! Ever since Christ himself declared that ‘I and the Father are one’, or Paul declared ‘It is not I who live but Christ who lives in me’, the impulse towards the non dual awareness of the presence of God has compelled seekers in every generation.

From this place the ‘still, small, voice’ calls us to a contemplative activism that is summed up beautifully in the book of Micah 6; ’ do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with God’.

This website is intended as a resource for all who feel the yearning of the contemplative call.

Here you will find news and information on events, workshops, quiet days and retreats; with regular updates on our online meditation groups and various classes.

In the book section you will find recommendations for all levels; from those just starting out on this journey to the seasoned travellers who are looking to expand their reading. Our community has a reading group which reviews the books we recommend, if you are interested in joining the book group then please get in touch through the contact page.

The blog page offers posts on everything from contemplative reflections to environmental action so it is worth using the categories if you want to focus your reading of the blog.

Whilst not everyone using the resources of this site will necessarily want to become a part of the community the option is available to all who wish to explore contemplative call within a group context. We meet on a weekly basis, please get in touch through the contact page for more information.

Otherwise feel free to browse,  explore, comment, ask questions, offer insights or just be in touch. We will typically reply within 24 hours. 

Blessings, Jayne

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