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Our new website

Hi everyone the new website is up and running but I guess you already know this because you are here!

It’s still needing a lot of material added to it and development. So, if you know of any church activities or events that need advertising.

Please let me know.  Andrew via email:

Also, if there are things no longer taking place or that will restart in the future tell me these as well.

The contacts still need sorting out particularly Tewkesbury church bookings for now contact Roger Davis as before.


'Church Pages'

Our new website was written and designed by 'Church Pages'.
'Church Pages' are part of a professional Christian website design company that design websites for many large organisations in the commercial world.
They make their technical expertise and computer resources available at a not-for-profit rate to churches so they can afford websites to spread the word of God.
We are very grateful to Church pages and in particular Heather Khoo and Emma Simpson who have been training and liaising with us from the conception of our website through its creation to support of the current stage and for time to come. Without their many hours of work and support we would not have a professional website. So, a big thank you to them!

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